No, Prof. Ravi’s Physics tuitions (PRPT) takes all students without any entrance exams provided they suffice the admission criteria.
No, results are dependent as much on student efforts that are not in our control. Students who have completed the program have had an excellent success rate.
If you choose to withdraw within two weeks of joining our programs we will refund your entire fees barring the GST. After this time period, no fees are refundable by PRPT.
English is the only medium of instruction at PRPT.
No, one on one coaching. One on one counseling is undertaken. Also doubt solving in small groups is regularly done.
Yes . All study materials are provided in classroom.
We conduct tests on completion of topics. At the start of the course, tests are held twice or thrice a month; while towards the end, the frequency increases. Also we take online tests which the students are supposed attempt from home in a time bound frame.
  • As for JEE we follow the CBSE syllabus.
  • For NEET we follow the NCERT syllabus.
  • For MH – CET we follow the Maharashtra board syllabus.
  • For XI and XII we subscribe to the Maharashtra board text book.
  • Classes start at 7 AM on weekdays. We have 3 -4 classes in a week of a duration of one and a half hours each (90 min).
  • The programs run typically from June to Jan for Std. XI and Feb to December for Std. XII
  • All students are offered a full length test series held before and after the 12th board exams to prepare for the NEET/ JEE Main/MH-CET exams.
We open admission in October before the class X Board exams. So, if a student is writing the Class X Board exams in March 2019, admissions will open for him in October 2018.
Counselling is an ongoing mechanism through our quarterly feedback sessions with parents and students. If parents feel that additional guidance is necessary, they are welcome to contact us to arrange a personal meeting with the professors.
Our data-driven approach enables us to easily understand the reason for a student’s poor performance. We are also able to pinpoint the topics that a student is performing poorly in. Customized remedial action is suggested to students and their parents during the quarterly PTA meeting or in between if necessary.
No. PRPT fees have to be paid in full at the start of each year. This is not refundable under any circumstances.
Parents are given results and a complete analysis of test marks printed on overleaf on the OMR paper. Also, sms are sent on the parent’s phone number with the child’s marks and the toppers marks and average of class. Also parents can access their childs result on the website or on the application which is available on both Android and IOS.
Active participation of the parents along with the help of the teachers will go a long way in optimizing the performance of the child.
Parents can call us during normal working hours (Monday - Saturday Timing:10 :00 am to 5 :00 pm) on the mentioned numbers.

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