JEE-MAINS-2018 RESULTS:       1.Ameya Patankar(Physics:89 M),      2.Arnav Ketkar(Physics:85 M),      3.Atharva Ketkar(Physics:81 M),      4.Rohan Rodrigues(Physics:79 V.P),      5.Shrivraman Natarajan(Physics:76 M),      6.Aryan Jain(Physics:74 M),      7.Snigdha Arora(Physics:72 V.P),      8.Shreya Bangera(Physics:68 V.P),      9.Ansh Jain(Physics:65 M),      10.Yash Jindal(Physics:62 V.P),      11.Tanya Singh(Physics:61 V.P),      12.Yatharth Vyas(Physics:61 V.P),      13.Vaidehi Vatsaraj(Physics:60 V.P),      14.Parijat Dhalkar(Physics:55 V.P),      15.Viraj Joshi(Physics:53 M),      16.Anisha Shanbhag(Physics:50 M).              NEET-2018 RESULTS:       1.Daksh Agarwal(Physics:157),      2.Aryan Keny(Physics:138),      3.Shivraman Natarajan(Physics:138),      4.Anisha Shanbhag(Physics:134),      5.Ameya Patankar(Physics:132),      6.Shivkumar Chaurasiya(Physics:131),      7.Suwayed Khan(Physics:131),      8.Aryan Jain(Physics:130),      9.Yash Jindal(Physics:130),      10.Tanya Singh(Physics:129),      11.Nandan Prabhu(Physics:121),      12.Snigdha Arora(Physics:121),      13.Viraj Joshi(Physics:116),      14.Varun Punamiya(Physics:114),      15.Shahenaz Khan(Physics:113),      16.Muskaan Nichani(Physics:108),      17.Taher Varawala(Physics:105),      18.Juned Khan(Physics:101),      19.Anjana Pillai(Physics:100),      20.Rachit Shah(Physics:100).              MH-CET-2018 RESULTS:       1.Atharva Ketkar(Physics:48),      2.Parijat Dhalkar(Physics:47),      3.Vanessa Lobo(Physics:45),      4.Arnav Ketkar(Physics:43),      5.Rohan Rodrigues(Physics:43),      6.Vaidehi Vatsaraj(Physics:42),      7.Yatharth Vyas(Physics:42),      8.Preet Batavia(Physics:40).


  • NEET
  • For Medical / Paramedical aspirants 2 year classroom coaching.
  • NEET
    (Rept Batch)
  • For Medical aspirants special 1 year classroom coaching for students reappearing for NEET.
  • JEE
  • For NIT'S & other centrally funded institutes 2 year classroom coaching.
  • For Medical/Paramedical/Engineering aspirants who wish to have an access to our test remotely.
  • XI & XII
  • For students interested in pure sciences & architecture.
  • MH-CET
  • For state run engineering colleges 2 Year Classroom Coaching.




  • Conducting private tuitions in physics for the past 19 years.
  • Most popular teacher for subject Physics.
  • He captivates students with his in depth knowledge and charismatic teaching of the subject in a lucid manner.


Qualification:M.Sc. (Electronics)

  • He has a teaching experience of 14 years.
  • He uses innovative methods of teaching, to explain complex problems in Physics.
  • He always encourages students and inspires them so that they can reach their highest potential.



  • Teaching Physics for Past 11 Years.
  • His Examples get Students involved in The topic & make them like Physics.
  • His overgrowing passion for Physics rubs on to the children.

  • Topic wise theory booklet designed according to XI and XII HSC board.
  • Topic wise MCQ booklet designed according to NEET, JEE Main, MH-CET consisting of conceptual, tricky & brain storming questions.
  • Booklet includes topic wise previous year's NEET, AIIMS, AIPMT, MH-CET questions for medical aspirants.
  • Booklet includes topic wise previous year's JEE Main, JEE Advance & AIEEE questions for engineering aspirants.

  • Weekly tests are conducted on Sundays.
  • Board Pattern Tests – These tests are designed according to the board syllabus to ensure optimum performance of students in college exams and board exams.
  • Offline MCQ tests are conducted 2 to 3 times in a month. These exams are conducted on exactly similar pattern of NEET / JEE Main / MH-CET.
  • Online MCQ tests are periodically held which the students can attempt from home in a stipulated time frame.
  • Test Papers include specially designed questions aimed at testing child’s application and conceptual approach.

  • Since the batch size is small, there is always personal interaction between students & teachers regarding their academic progress.

  • Lecture timings are coordinated according to college timings.
  • Regular SMS updates about student’s attendance & test marks.
  • Parents and teachers meetings are held periodically. If need arises the parents are called individually so that specific problems associated with a particular child can be addressed to.
  • OMR paper checking with detailed evaluation of paper for both online and offline tests.
  • Parents can keep a check on the progress of the child through our online platform which includes our website and an application available on both android and IOS.
  • Library facility is also available in case the student wishes to stay back and study after their regular lectures.
  • Periodic report cards are sent to parents to update students' performance.
  • One of the teachers will always be there to keep an eye on the students & to help them with their difficulties.

  • 3 to 4 Lectures / week.
  • Lecture duration: 1 Hr. 30 Min.
  • Extensive doubt solving lectures.

    COURSE PLAN FOR 2018-2020:
  • From June 2018 to January 2019 - 11th Std board portion with MCQ preparation for entrance exams.
  • From February 2019 to December 2019 - 12th Std board portion with MCQ preparation for entrance exams.
  • In December 2019 & January 2020 – Revision lectures of entire syllabus on weekdays & combination MCQ tests. January 2020 – HSC Board Prelims.
  • From 2nd Week of March 2020 onwards MCQ Prelims for – NEET (Medical), MH-CET (Pharmacy), JEE Main / MH-CET (Engineering).


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